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작성일 : 14-04-16 13:52
Cantata6.2 AutoTest Feature 데모동영상
 글쓴이 : 관리자
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Demonstration of Cantata's AutoTest Feature
Cantata Video: Quick Tour

A four-minute video that demonstrates how AutoTest:
1) Enhances existing tests
2) Generates regression tests
3) Uncovers testability issues

Cantata Tech Tip:

Use Cantata AutoTest to find code testability issues

The Cantata AutoTest algorithm not only produces passing unit tests, but instantly reports problems in code when trying to generate these tests.

Using Cantata AutoTest in this way provides valuable early knowledge of problems in the source code or its testability such as:
  • Unreachable Code
  • Crash Scenarios
  • Type Truncation
  • Un-initialised Data
  • Non-Constant Function Static Data
  • Non-returning Functions
  • Implicit Function Declarations
The AutoTest warning messages highlight why full coverage could not be obtained, so setting the coverage target high is of most value when using the feature in this way.

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